Nacogdoches is a small city situated in East Texas and the county seat of Nacogdoches County, Texas,United States. The 2016 U.S. Census recorded the city’s population to be 65,806. Nacogdoches is a sister city of the smaller Natchitoches, Louisiana, the third-largest city in the Southern Ark-La Tex. Nacogdoches is the home of Stephen F. Austin State University and Texas’ largest azalea garden.

San Augustine County is a county located in the U.S. state of Texas. As of the 2016 census, its population was 8,320. Its county seat is San Augustine.


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TMA Fund Supports Medical Families in Crisis

A dedicated East Texas physician finds himself struggling with dementia and other physical ailments in his later years, with his wife by his side caring for him. Funds dwindle as the Smiths (not their real name) make needed accessibility updates to their home and pay for health insurance.

As the days and months pass, and with no support from family, the wife begins to wear down from her role as caretaker. She needs a break. Mrs. Smith reaches out to TMA’s Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF) for assistance, and PBF provides funding for respite care so she can have a few hours each week to tend to her needs.

The Smiths are just one of hundreds of families PBF has helped throughout its 60-year history. Others include a widow left to support herself and her young children, a physician who became chronically ill and unable to practice, and a physician’s spouses left with tremendous debt after the death of her husband.

PBF fills the gap for physicians and their immediate families when they find themselves in desperate financial crisis and unable to meet their day-to-day needs. Recipients receive monthly help to pay for personal necessities -- rent or mortgage, utilities, health insurance, medical bills, clothing, and food.

If you know a physician or a physician's family who could benefit, please direct them to the PBF webpage for qualification details and the confidential questionnaire. Or contact Chris.Johnson@texmed.org, PBF director. TMA strives to protect the anonymity of fund recipients.

If you’d like to help sustain the funds to support physicians in need, contribute via secure, online donation, or send a check to The Physicians Benevolent Fund, Attn: TMA Finance Department, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701-1680. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law and may be in the form of honoraria or memorials.





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The Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society had their April meeting on April 9, 2024, at Clear Springs Restaurant.

The presenter was Shannon Vogel, MS FHIMSS, Associate Vice President, Health Information Technology


Thank you to Connie Webster and Sara Regalado for all the help at the Ambassador Program and for featuring us on TMA Facebook page.

Thank you so much for all your help and support of our County Medical Society. Please thank Ms. Shannon Vogel - excellent presentation. It was timely and informative. Very Stimulating. There was great feedback from our members. They were quite enthusiastic and of course Ms. Shannon Vogel was brilliant and engaging.

Present at the meeting are:
1. Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, President
2. Dr. T.C. Grohman
3. Dr. Kim Procell
4. Dr. Mary Barnette
5. Mr. Mike Kinman
6. Dr. Chris Gayden
7. Dr. Loyd Whitley
8. Kristi Whitley
9. Dr. Hutsell
10. Dr. Ryan Head
11. Dr. Brian Glymph
12. Dr. Shyam Vyas
13. Dr. Kavita Vyas
14. Dr. Shail Vyas
15. Dr. Rodolfo J. Oviedo
16. Dr. Warthan
17. Mrs. Warthan
18. Dr. Brian Drake
19. Dr. Michael Mollot
20. Karen Gillespie
21. Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
22. Dr. Keith Fishbeck
23. Dr. Ed Ferren
24. Mrs. Ferren

Happy National Doctors’ Day
 “The practice of medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head.”
 ~ Sir William Osler (Physician and Founding Professor of Johns Hopkins Hospital, Considered to be the “Father of Modern Medicine”)
Dear Nacogdoches – San Augustine County Medical Society,
I greatly appreciate each member of the Nacogdoches – San Augustine County Medical Society. On March 30th, we recognize National Doctors’ Day and celebrate the invaluable role physicians play. Thank you so very much for your dedication and service to the Nacogdoches – San Augustine County Medical Society and the communities we serve. As we continue to navigate unprecedented times, you have demonstrated grit and resilience as you continue to faithfully serve our patients and provide comfort and hope to our communities.
While National Doctors’ Day only comes once a year, I am always grateful for your teamwork and devotion to our Society’s mission and vision. Thank you once again for your outstanding work. I wish each of you a Happy National Doctors’ Day!
Sincerely, Modupe Sokunbi, M.D.
Nacogdoches – San Augustine County Medical Society
Members of the Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society celebrated National Doctors’ Day 2024 at NMC Health Network.
The Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society met on December 14, 2023, at the BARN.

Present at the Christmas party were:
  1. Dr. Modupe Sokunbi ( President)
  2. Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
  3. Dr. Mike Randle
  4. Mrs. Kristy Randle
  5. Dr. Lyndsey Laurich
  6. Dr. Chad Laurich
  7. Dr. Rodolfo Oviedo
  8. Mrs. Oviedo
  9. Dr. Jonathan Polk
  10. Mrs. Polk
  11. Dr. Keith Fishbeck
  12. Dr. Carey Lindermann
  13. Dr. Sanderson
  14. Mrs. Sanderson
  15. Dr. Arlis Hibbard
  16. Mrs. Hibbard
  17. Dr. Kavita Vyas
  18. Dr. Shyam Vyas
  19. Dr. Ed Tanhui
  20. Dr. Brian Glymph
  21. Dr. Kim Procell
  22. Dr. Travis Mast
  23. Dr. Lupe Mast
  24. Dr. Ben Thompson
  25. Mrs. Thompson
  26. Dr. Loyd Whitley
  27. Mrs, Kristi Whitley
  28. Dr. Rachel Cline
  29. Dr. Eric Cline
  30. Dr. Mark Cline
  31. Mrs. Becky Cline
  32. Dr. Mike Mollot
  33. Karen Gillespie
  34. Dr. Kenneth Jurist
  35. Kristi Sutton
  36. Dr. Ryan Head
  37. Dr. Rachel Head
  38. Dr. Jenny Ravenscroft 
The Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society had their February meeting on February 13, 2024 at Clear Springs Restaurant. The presenter was Kemisha Williams – Assistant General Counsel with Texas Medical Board. The topic discussed was Texas Medical Board Update 2024. Thank you to Ms. Sandra Ramirez for facilitating the presentation.


Present at the Meeting are:

Dr. Modupe Sokunbi – President
Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
Dr. T.C. Grohman
Dr. Mike Randle
Dr. Rodolfo Oviedo
Dr. Eric Cline
Dr. Rachel Cline
Dr. Mike Mollot
Karen Gillespie
Dr. Kenneth Jurist
Kristi Sutton
Dr. Arlis Hibbard
Mrs. Hibbard
Dr. Aaron Polk
Dr. Binusha Moitheennazima
Dr. Ahammed Hashim
Dr. Ed Tanhui
Jane Schmidt, PA student UTMB Galveston currently on Pediatric Rotation with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi.





Gina Oglesbee, MPA- The first female interim president of SFA and Dr. Kim Childs- Dean of Sciences and Mathematics were the guest speakers at the Nacogdoches San Augustine Medical Society meeting on October 10, 2023 at Clear Springs Restaurant. The topics discussed at the meeting were SFA at 100 years and the affiliation with the University of Texas System. Also discussed were the current SFA Pre Health Programs and UT Tyler School of Medicine Partnership.
From Left: Dr. Cengiz Satir, Dr. Ted Ledet, Dr. Vicky Satir, Dr. Janice Ledet, Dr. Sanderson, Mrs. Sanderson, Dr. Ben Thompson, Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi, Dr. Tony Haskins, John Beard, Gina Oglesbee MPA, Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, Dr. Kim Childs, Dr. T.C. Grohman, Dr. Rachel Cline, Dr. Eric Cline, Dr. Loyd Whitley, Dr. Chris Gayden, Dr. Aaron C. Polk Tr., Mrs. Mary Pack, Misty Copen FNP-C, Brandi Ferguson FNP-C, Dr. Mike Randle, Dr. Rodolfo Oviedo, Mrs. Oviedo, Dr. Andrea Wenner, Dr. Melinda Wenner Present but not pictured were Dr. Mike Mollot, Dr. Arlis Hibbard, and Kristi Whitley
One of the speakers at the County Medical Society meeting was Gina Oglesbee, MPA. First female interim President of SFA. Pictured with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, President of Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society.
One of the speakers at the County Medical Society meeting was Dr. Kim Childs. Dean of Sciences and Mathematics. Pictured with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, President of Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society.
1) Dr. Modupe Sokunbi – President
2) Gina Oglesbee
3) Dr. Kim Childs
4) Dr. Cengiz Satir
5) Dr. Vicky Satir
6) Dr. Ted Ledet
7) Dr. Janice Ledet
8) Dr. Sanderson
9) Mrs. Sanderson
10) Dr. Ben Thompson
11) Dr. Tony Haskins
12) Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
13) Dr. T.C Grohman
14) Dr. Rachel Cline
15) Dr. Eric Cline
16) Dr. Loyd Whitley
17) Mrs. Kristi Whitley
18) Dr. Chris Gayden
19) Dr. Aaron C. Polk
20) Mrs. Mary Pack
21) Dr. Mike Randle
22) Dr. Rodolfo Oviedo
23) Mrs. Oviedo
24) Dr. Mike Mollot
25) Dr. Arlis Hibbard
26) Dr. Andrea Wenner
27) Dr. Melinda Wenner
28) Misty Copen, FNP-C
29) Brandi Ferguson, FNP-C
30) John Beard

Dr. Mathews George, MD- was the guest speaker at the Nacogdoches San Augustine Medical Society meeting on June 8th, 2023 at Clear Springs Restaurant. Dr. George is a Medical Oncology, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialist. The topic of the meeting was: What’s driving the rise of Colon Cancer in the Young.




From Left: Mrs. Mary Pack; Ms. Karen Gillespie; Dr. Michael Mollot; Dr. Shyam Vyas; Dr. Kavita Vyas; Dr. Malcom Lyon; Mrs. Lyon; Dr. Donald Cagle; Mrs. Nancy Cagle; Dr. Loyd Whitley; Kristi Whitley; Dr. Molly Warthan; Patrick Newsome; Dr. Kim Procell; Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi; TC Grohman, MD; Dr. Modupe Sokunbi; Dr. Mathews George; Dr. Dennis Coffman; Mrs. Alicia Coffman; Dr. Sanderson; Dr. Edwin Ferren; Mrs. Ferren

Present at the meeting but not pictured are: Dr. Mike Randle; Dr. Andrea Wenner; Philip Habig; Dr. Kristen Hurst; Dr. Andrew Hurst; Michal Germany; Dr. Cesar Del Aguila; Benjamin Craig (PA Student); Benjamin Galenzoski (PA Student)


• Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, President
• Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
• Dr. Mathews George
• Dr. Michael Mollot
• Dr. Shyam Vyas
• Dr. Kavita Vyas
• Dr. Malcom Lyon
• Mrs. Lyon
• Dr. Donald Cagle
• Mrs. Nancy Cagle
• Dr. Loyd Whitley
• Kristi Whitley
• Dr. Molly Warthan
• Dr. Kim Procell
• Dr. Dennis Coffman
• Mrs. Alicia Coffman
• Dr. Sanderson
• Dr. Edwin Ferren
• Mrs. Ferren
• TC Grohman, MD
• Dr. Mike Randle
• Dr. Andrea Wenner
• Philip Habig
• Dr. Kristen Hurst
• Dr. Andrew Hurst
• Dr. Ceaser Del Aguila
• Patrick Newsome
• Michal Germany
• Mrs. Mary Pack
• Ms Karen Gillespie
• Benjamin Craig (PA Student from UTMB Galveston Currently on Pediatric Rotation with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi))
• Benjamin Galenzoski (PA Student from UNT Fort Worth, Currently on Pediatric Rotation with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi)
The speaker at the County Medical Society meeting was Dr. Mathews George. Pictured with Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, President of Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society.








The members of Nacogdoches San Augustine County Medical Society participated in the Annual Summer Picnic held on Tuesday July 18, 2023 at Nacogdoches Medical Center.





Dr Gary Floyd, MD- Texas Medical Association President was the guest speaker at the Nacogdoches San Augustine Medical Society meeting on April 11 at Clear Springs Restaurant. He spoke on the TMA 2023 Legislature Priorities.

From Left: Dr Loyd Whitley, Dr Gary Floyd, Dr Modupe Sokunbi, Dr Mary Barnett, Dr Josephine Chua, Dr Kavita Vyas, Dr Shyam Vyas, Dr Arlis Hibbard, Agam Jacota, Dr Mathews George, Dr Edwin Ferren, TC Grohman MD, and Dr Dolamu Sokunbi

Present at the meeting but not pictured are: Dr Michael Mollot, Karen Gillespie, Dr Ryan Head, Dr Rachel Head, Kristi Whitley, Le’Bria Ware, and Dr Mike Randle

1. Dr. Modupe Sokunbi
2. Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi
3. Dr. Mike Randle
4. Dr. Loyd Whitley
5. Kristi Whitley
6. Dr. Kavita Vyas
7. Dr. Shyam Vyas
8. Le’Bria Ware (PA Student HSC)
9. TC Grohman, MD
10. Agam Jacota (Medical Student)
11. Dr. Arlis Hibbard
12. Dr. Josephine Chua
13. Dr. Mathews George
14. Dr. Mary Barnette
15. Dr. Edwin Ferren
16. Dr. Michael Mollot
17. Karen Gillespie
18. Dr. Ryan Head
19. Dr. Rachel Head

The speaker at the County Medical Society was Dr Gary Floyd, Texas Medical Association President. Pictured with Dr Modupe Sokunbi, President of Nacogdoches, San Augustine County Medical Society.

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Johnathan Polk, MD


Modupe Sokunbi, MD, FAAP

NSACMS President
626 Russell Blvd Ste A 
Nacogdoches, TX 75965-1246

Kyle McMorries, MD


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